My Experience with Gavin Newsome THIS IS WHAT I TOLD HIM…. #shorts

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#success #motivation #shorts


Cameron Long

  • @NapoleonBonaparteMAGA says:

    Simp, Newsom is terrible

  • @scott783 says:

    This is disappointing to hear. Come back and live in California year round and have an office and businesses here again and I think you will change your mind.

  • @raffpants618 says:

    Great to hear two fake personalities meet

  • @allpraisetothemosthigh7770 says:

    Your lack of discernment is disturbing..

  • @JoeandSil says:

    Ruin, not run

  • @NoBullshitU says:

    Grant has 0 principles at this point just money

  • @elissitdesign says:

    Proof that charisma and utility are very different. He maybe likable but, his policy and effectiveness is trash!

  • @alisaa3999 says:

    Newsom ruined California. And that’s all he had to say and to turn a guy into a tool. Probably doesn’t watch much of Grant as he likes to think. 🙄 Unsubscribe.

  • @DEFIRYAN says:

    Horrible reason to vote for someone

  • @granttuggle9028 says:

    Lost respect for Cardone after hearing this

  • @renatozapataiv2158 says:

    Social Climber much?

  • @unaffiliated_x9279 says:

    Hearing this is like hearing your best buddy went on a date with a super hot chick but everyone else, but him, knows she’s crazy af.

  • @boboso7238 says:

    Thank you for pointing out the problem. Someone with as much reach and influence as yourself is sold on likability rather than best person for the job. What deal did he cut you for this subliminal low key endorsement?👀👁️

  • @AngelRamirez-qy1xe says:

    That don’t mean shhhhhh if he “ knows” you 😂

    He will never be OUR president!

  • @junglestrut says:

    you have way more charisma than him Grant!

  • @charlesredmond9605 says:

    Cordone gets on my damn nerves

  • @bngr_bngr says:

    God willing Gavin won’t walk into the White House again.

  • @kleinkbkayb5369 says:

    People use the holidays to reflect on friends & family. Great! Use that as motivation for why you’re working so hard the rest of the year.

  • @garydelong7750 says:

    Guy finally admitted his sh!t was bull sh!t

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